You Have Aging Clients

Every one of your clients will eventually sell or conduct a family succession. This presents your bank with an opportunity to help retain clients in a family succession or have the opportunity to invest the proceeds from a sale into your wealth management group. 

Our team can help your bank add specialized and needed client value. We will work in collaboration with you to help clients with transition planning, understand the value, layout the steps needed to exit and create a transition timeline.

Client Transition Planning

Assisting clients entering or already in an exit stage or a family succession. The benefits for your bank include:

  • Converting the proceeds of a sale to under management
  • Preserving family businesses in a transition

  • Attracting prospects

The Math

How many commercial clients do you have?

  • Use 500 for this example
  • Assume 20% or 100 are in the transition stage
  • Conservatively, at all times 25 should be in transition
    • 18 (73%) will sell
    • 7 (27%) conduct a family succession

Why Should You Build and Promote Exit and Succession?

It differentiates your bank and creates opportunities to lead clients planning a family succession or prepare clients to sell to a third party. It also attracts new prospects planning a transition or in the exit or succession stage. Call us to discuss how we can work together.