Transition by Design

We understand transitioning a business can be complicated. Our firm assumes the leadership role in structuring the exit or succession strategy and we will develop a Transition Blueprint with a timeline that aligns with your needs.

The transition blueprint will vary based on your business, timeline and desired outcome. The strategy includes steps to build value, optimize tax strategies and ensure your accounting processes and financial reporting are accurate and timely. In addition, we discuss options on how to manage the money after the sale. As needed, we introduce new advisors or collaborate with existing advisors such as legal, wealth management or other professionals.

Some Questions That Come Up During a Transition

  • What is the company worth?
  • What does an owner need to do to prepare to sell?

  • How does an owner find a buyer?
  • What kind of timeline is involved?

How Does This Work?

We develop a structured plan to follow. Without a strategy in place with set and recurring meetings, time finds a way to pass quickly. Our 4-step process is to:

  1. Interview. We interview you to understand your objectives.
  2. Build. Then, we build the blueprint that leads the effort.
  3. Meet. Depending on your timeline, we set monthly to quarterly meetings.
  4. Execute. Our team works to execute the steps in the blueprint.

Talk to Us

Let us have an initial discussion to explain the process and how we may be able to help you prepare to sell or conduct a family succession. This is a complex matter with a lot of variables to manage and we are uniquely qualified to help you set a plan and accomplish your objectives.